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Haha I tried to send this by text the first time

I think its charming how local people walk around this little restaurant refilling other peoples coffee cups. No waitresses this morning. The owner/cook is running herself ragged.

When I sat down this coffee clique [including my 4th grade teacher] told me I was welcome to sit with them, "so you don't have to sit alone."

I thanked them but said I didn't mind sitting alone and yknow, I really don't...I'm good company. Just quiet in here with my coffee and crackberry. Anyone know how to turn off the "sent via blackberry" thing at the end of emails? I always think it looks dorky.
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how i roll

this post was a long time coming

my problem is i always get these great ideas for posts...but then i dont do anything about it. something will happen and im all "oh thats gonna go in my lj" and then it doesnt. im terrible. i either dont post at all or im all spammy.

all day today ive been working on reports and harassing groovekittie

i had McD for lunch. i got the apple slices and they smelt kinda...weird. ate them anyway and enjoyed the apple-y goodness. its strange, now that im pregnant im eating less than i did prepregnancy. if i had eaten like this after skye was born i would have lost the baby weight right away. food doesnt appeal to me like before (even favorites) and i seem to be eating less. i think its ok, i ate too much before anyway and i remember reading somewhere that the baby only needs like 300 extra calories (over the regular rec'd daily intake)

skye is doing well, sucking her bottle again and trying to charm everyone. if id let her she'd eat nothing but mashed potatoes. shes also mobile (sorta) but can only go in reverse (LOL like that car in smoke signals)

paperwork for nehemias to be a permanent resident is a bitch i tell ya, but worth it. his medical appt is next week and we're waiting for all his police clearances to come in so we can send the packet away.

thanks to everyone who responded to my one line post about my happy news, makes me feel special that you guys care *tear* im such a sap, damn hormones

starting to miss greensboro. random things...anigilohi , digital cable, my high speed connection, the weather, mexican stores, the mall, victorias secret, that roasted chicken restaurant. maybe i dont miss the boro at all, just erika, food and my technological conveniences. lol

now im all nostalgic i forget what i was going to post about. if i remember ill be back

hugs to all
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geek pride

Yes i'm still here!

I am seriously extremely tired of not having an internet connection at home. I think i've caught up with my flist but i didnt comment...sorry. Please know that I love you all but im sneaking on lj in between writing reports. Boo to no internet.

My girl is doing great despite a battle with teething and thrush. Poor little thing is being fed with an oral syringe cuz she cant/wont suck her bottle due to the pain. I felt terrible, thinking it was my fault that I wasnt keeping her clean enough. The doctor assured me that wasnt the case, but i still feel guilty. I boil her bottles every day and wash her toys regularly...i dunno. Anyway she has medicine and is feeling much better.