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hey hey

well im finally using firefox on my computer...ive had it installed for ages but havent used it. groovekittie put a buncha themes and extensions on it, i think i have a random icon generator (this will be funny cuz my icons wont match)

and...that is all, not a very exciting post after all :)


happy birthday to me!

what was that line in 13 going on 30?? "thirty, flirty and ___" is it fine?

Cuz thats what i am...30 and fine. lol

*continues working*

fishing for compliments

One little compliment can make you feel amazing.

So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal, so I can return the favor. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag so that when you are feeling down, you can go to that entry for a quick pick-me-up and a smile.

Comments are screened.


im geekily proud of myself

not like im impulsive or anything but im writing this on my new laptop (i actually bought this same one before i went to mexico but i sold it there...for a tidy profit i might add)

so...thats all
thanks groovekittie for my valentine >>smooshes<<


Happy V Day

am i alone in thinking of the "other" VD on this day.

remember when joey was the VD guy?

anyway..however you do (or dont) celebrate! ***hands out chocolate***


nerd alert

I forgot to mention that yesterday I stopped at an office supply store. They had 50% off goody bags!! Naturally since I love goody bags and office supplies (formerly school supplies) I had to buy 3. ($1, $2.50 and $10) The bags were worth it for the pens, post its, desk organizer, planners...but they also had some lil computer things I have no use for: mouse holders, keyboard holder (so you can put it on top and save desk space i guess) and an attachment that adds a lil dry erase board and mini bulletin board to your screen ( i actually like this but have NO room for it on my computer at home). Anyone interested?

SO yeah...imma geek

Hello Again

Good morning all! Yesterday was an odd day, a good day but an odd one. :)

I wrote up my hours and filled out my mileage/expenses sheet. (I really needed to get paid bacause my vehicle payment is due next week.) Anyway, I filled it all in and took it and went in search of my boss. I found him leaning over his wastebasket clutching a wad of kleenex to his nose. He had a nosebleed. Do you know how hard it is to have a normal conversation when your boss has a nosebleed? I think I carried it off well. He told me he would sign the authorization "as soon as this stops." I did ask him why he didn't hold his head back and he said his doctor told him to lean forward and apply pressure. What do I know, the last nosebleed I had resulted from a Battle Royal gone wrong in my moms basement.

As an aside I had the cheque in my greedy lil hand a mere 30 minutes after I submitted my papers to accounting. People impress me when they do their jobs.

I went to the bank after work (I sneaked out a little early) but when i got to the bank the door was locked. "Oh well," I thought, "guess I'll cash it tomorrow." No big deal. But then...I saw another lady try enter the bank and they unlocked the door for her. Wtf is that? I didn't bother to do anything because I wanted to go home to my girl. Want to see a pic of her? I know you do...Collapse )

Please ignore my chunky goodness.

I got home and my 3 year old niece let us know that my 18 year old brother is not my brother. Yes friends, she thinks I'm his mom. (And no, I have no explanation for this.)

My brother was playing hockey so we went to go watch him..I know it was only rec hockey, but I wish they had been running the scoreboard. *g* It was still fun to go and freeze my ass though, even my husband enjoyed it. I said it was like soccer only on ice, with sticks, smaller ball/puck and smaller net. He only smiled at me. I love that man.

And...um that is all. Guess it wasn't such a strange day after all.
im back baby!!!

*bender style....if anyone here watches futurama*


hello there

well tomorrow moring i'm off to edmonton to do a little shopping before i go to MEXICO on thursday (be back home jan 22)


i'm so excited

not excited to be in a bathing suit...but whatever

so naturally, posting will be even more erratic than usual, but i plan to try to get online for a sec from SOMEWHERE

ooh, i may break down and buy a laptop to boot :)